My workout routine

:: fitness

By: Pookleblinky

    | Day   | Type        | Main  | Secondary      | Assistance                                  | Strongman    |
    | Mon   | Heavy Upper | Bench | Row            | kettlebell pullups kroc rows dumbbell bench | loaded carry |
    | Tues  | Heavy lower | Dead  | Squat          | kettlebell Lunges                           |              |
    | Wed   |             | OFF   |                |                                             |              |
    | thurs | Upper       | OHP   | Rows           | kettlebell Bands                            | Loaded carry |
    | fri   | Lower       | Squat | Ruck Complexes | kettlebell Sprints                          |              |
    | sat   |             | OFF   |                |                                             |              |
    | Sun   |             | OFF   |                |                                             |              |

Each day has a main lift, a secondary lift, an assistance, and a strongman thing. Assistances don’t matter much. I could technically do whatever the hell I want after main and secondary, but I prefer to only have one or two other things mixed in. The best assistance is the movement itself, after all. I’ll throw in the listed assistances, and maybe something else if I feel like it.

Secondary lifts are generally BBB-style sets: lower intensity, higher rep range. I prefer this, it gives a better sense of balance to a workout and to the week.

Everything is a multijoint compound movement, and I try to keep the ratio of push to pull as close to 1:1 as possible, to the point of doing more pushes than pulls.

Each workout is structured in the form of giant sets: main, assistance, secondary, rinse and repeat. Rest in between giant sets.

Mondays are heavy uppers: heavy bench, heavy rows, finished by kroc rows. Loaded carries.

Tuesdays: heavy lower: heavy deadlift, BBB-style squats, finished by lunges. Squats after the deadlift sets, this lets me get lower back volume without increasing deadlift volume to the point where it’d become risky and too draining.

Thursdays: Upper: heavy OHP, BBB-style rows. Loaded carries.

Fridays: lower: squats, and ruck/complexes. A lot of people would put the 2 day rest after deadlift, but a lot of people also don’t ruck after doing heavy squats. Fridays are the days I wish I had a prowler.

Squats: twice a week. One heavy, one not.

Rows: twice a week. One heavy, one not.

This routine gives me a nice balance between push/pull, uses every basic human movement, hits each muscle group with sufficient frequency, and provides enough recovery. It’s also flexible enough to allow me to plop new things in without changing too much: I could plug in almost any kind of periodization, cycle out deadlifts every other week with something else, adopt 531 or such, and really not alter the whole thing.