:: emacs, workflow, yakshaving

By: Pookleblinky

I’m spending some time getting org-mode configured the way I want. I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible, given how much yakshave potential there is in org mode. I have only a few files in ~/org:

  • orgfile
  •, which is the default general agenda file. It’s structured like this:

  • datetree
  • links
  • notes
  • tasks
  • orgstuff

My is just a datetree. is tough to figure out how to structure it. I initially thought of organizing by language, but I don’t like how that lacks telos. It encourages dicking around with no goal, just bouncing from thing to thing. I could organize by project, but that similarly lacks focus if there are multiple projects to bounce around in. I settled on just a datetree and tags. A datetree encourages a daily log of what I intend to do, what I actually did, and where I am going. I can just filter by tags and date until this becomes insufficient and I need to split off a project, in which case I’d rather add it to instead of making a new orgfile. Again, I want to try as hard as possible to discourage dicking around bouncing from one thing to another without a goal.